About Us

About Us

PinkCuckoo is a young enterprise thriving to give a new dimension to the world of fashion.

Our aim is to bring forward the rare ancient art on fabrics from the interiors of India to the modern 

world of fashion and to stimulate the new ways of expression.

 We are also focusing on the customer engagement program and will provide them a platform where 

they involve themselves in designing a product of their own choice and can earn a royalty too.

Our philosophy “Express your mind by dressing “

At PinkCuckoo.com we strain to achieve the highest level of “Customer Satisfaction” possible. Our cutting 

edge most user friendly E-commerce platform, highly experienced buying team and state of the art 

customer care centre provides customer with:

 Rare and selected  products

 Superior buying experience

 On-time delivery of products

 Quick resolution of any concerns

 Customer satisfaction


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